How to install YOWhatsApp

We'll guide you through the entire process of installing YOWhatsApp on your Android device, ensuring you don't lose any chats along the way.

If you're looking to install YOWhatsApp and want to retain your chats, first head over to your current WhatsApp or preferred client. From there, navigate to Settings and create a backup of your conversations. Naturally, this step is optional and only needed if you wish to keep those chats.

Next, you'll need to grab the YOWhatsApp APK. You can snag it from Malavida by tapping the green 'Download' button located at the page's bottom. If you're rocking Android 8 or an earlier version, remember to head to your Settings first and toggle on the option to allow downloads from 'Unknown Sources' under the Security section.

After downloading, you can either tap 'Open' from the notifications tray or navigate to your download folder using your preferred file explorer. Simply click on the APK's icon, and this will kick-start the installation process.

Tap 'Install' when the pop-up appears.

After the installation wraps up, you can either launch the app directly by hitting 'Open' in the resulting window, or you can find and tap the app's icon among your installed apps.

YOWhatsApp will request permission to access photos, multimedia content, and other files on your device. Just hit 'Allow'.


Once you open YOWhatsApp, you'll be greeted with an initial screen much like other apps of its kind. To proceed, tap on 'Agree & Continue' to accept its terms of use.


Next, you'll need to input your phone number to go through the account verification process. After entering it, simply hit 'Next'.


The app will prompt you to double-check the phone number you've provided. Ensure it's accurate and then tap 'OK'.


Next up, YOWhatsApp will ask for permission to access and read your incoming SMS messages, specifically to detect the verification code that will be sent to you. If you opt not to grant this access, you'll have to key in the code yourself in the subsequent step. Go ahead and tap 'Continue'.


At this point, you'll need to validate the previously mentioned SMS access permission.


Next, key in the verification code you received.


In the following steps, YOWhatsApp will prompt you about importing a backup of your messages and will ask for permission to access your contacts for this reason. However, it's essential to note that WhatsApp mods, including this one, don't support restoring backups from Google Drive. So, giving it a shot might be fruitless. Indeed, one of the subsequent prompts will clarify this limitation.


Last but not least, pop in your username and feel free to add a profile picture. Once you've set everything up, just hit 'Next'.


Upon entering the app, you'll first be presented with the changelog. After that, you'll see the mod's main interface, and you're all set to kick off a new chat.


Since YOWhatsApp doesn't adhere to Google Play Store's guidelines, it's not available there, making its installation a bit unique. Stick with our guide, and you'll have the mod up and running in no time.

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